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Advanced Hair Studio India Reviews
  • “The decision for me to do something about my hair loss was simple. I didn’t want to go bald. So as soon as I started to lose my hair I saw Advanced Hair Studio, and underwent therapy my own hair is now growing again”.

    - Shane Warne
  • I ‘m really happy with my hair now. Great work Advanced Hair studio India.

    Mr. Ajay Sherawat
  • The stylist was very good, understanding, made me comfortable with the ‘New Thing’. Satisfied right now. Hope the feeling is same in future!! Thanks Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Nibhil Mehta
  • Initially I was apprehensive as to going in for a cosmetic treatment but to my pleasant surprise it has been wonderful being associated with Advanced Hair Studio India. To me, Advancd Hair Studio India is not only selling a product there manpower is equally impressive. I have personally had a wonderful experience with Vaney, Manish, Silky , Saurabh & Baljinder. For a brand like AHS which has World Wide presence it is imperative to hire people with right set of skills in terms of work & attitude and in my opinion Advanced Hair Studio India has hit the jackpot. I am very satisfied with the kind of Cosmetic Treatment that I have undergone, but to make it slightly better the adhesive being used could be improved to have better results on my skin type. To conclude my experience I would like to sum it up by saying Advanced Hair Studio India has no. 1 quality product & to complement its products it has equally good work force here in Delhi office.

    Mr. Parikshit Kapila
  • Good Job Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Pawan Kumar
  • Good Service & hospitality Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Pradeep Kumar Narne
  • Feels so good after getting my hair back. Looks very natural. Thanks Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Sameer Arora
  • It was very good. The service was excellent. Everything was been explained in details. Work was systematic. Well done Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Shekhar Bansal
  • Very good Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Prakesh Patel
  • I remember the time when I was in college. I used to have beautiful long locks and my friends used to appreciate me a lot. Since the time I started working, my whole focus was diverted to my work. I hardly got time for myself. Later on I noticed that I was losing my hair. I consulted various dermatologists, consumed various medicines but there was no result. I started wearing a cap to hide my baldness. Later on, searching on Google I came across Advanced hair studio India. I went there and got the best solution for my hair. The treatment worked great for me and I gained my confidence back. Thank you Advanced Hair Studio India.
  • Hi Advanced Hair Studio India. Thanks for giving me exactly what I was looking for. I was almost bald. I went for the treatment a year back. The strand by strand hair treatment gave me a new look and I am extremely happy now. I recommend Advanced Hair Studio India to all my friends.
  • I want to thank Advanced Hair Studio India for the wonderful services they provided to my husband. He was very much tensed with his hair fall. But since the time we availed the outstanding service of laser treatment by Advanced Hair Studio India, he got his hair back with all its sheen and shine. I am happy to see him enjoying his life.
  • Advanced Hair Studio India has got immense happiness in my life. I was going through a bad phase of losing all my long black tresses. I lost the hope that I could ever get them back. But since the time I entered Advanced Hair Studio India, I got a feeling that this was the place. Now I have got back the lost shine and strength of my hair and I am one of those who enjoy life confidently.
  • One of my friends has availed the excellent services provided by Advanced Hair Studio India, I am amazed to see the changes in him. She now has beautiful bouncy hair. The kind of services Advanced Hair Studio India provides is highly appreciable. Doctors here are experts in their task.